Vegas Tradeshow

We understand our clients needs for creative and unique brand solutions. That’s why our team attends the yearly PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s known as one of the best and largest promotional products trade show in North America, where thousands of unique suppliers gather from across the country and world.

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Image of Promotional Products
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Polar Bottle

This cycling/running, squeeze style water bottle is an awesome product! These bottles feature a leakproof and durable nozzle, Tri-Layer insulation to keep your water cool, effortless squeeze, BPA free and dishwasher compatible. Not to mention you can fully customize with a full colour wrap digitally printed and sealed under the first layer to keep it protected.

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ORCA Coolers

Looking for a high end gift? One that many people would love to have, but don't want to buy it for themselves. These ORCA Coolers are the perfect option. They are made for the outdoors not only do they keep your food and beverages fresh they are certified bear proof and backed with a lifetime warranty.

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QuikFlip Hoodies

QuikFlip Hoodies are one of those products that you see and think that is a cool! These comfy fashion pieces converts into fully functional backpacks for a truly unique product. QuikFlip has been named one of Time Magazines Best inventions 2019 and has been featured on Sharks Tank.

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Boogie Board

How many things do you write on sticky notes only to lose or throw out immediately? Boogie boards are starting to be more common in retail stores, but haven’t seemed to hit the corporate market. Give one to someone with your logo on it and it will stay on their desk and keep you top of mind. Scan/Edit/ Save/Share after from your smart phone as well!

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Custom Video Boxes

Have you been trying to win over an “A” client? Can’t quite get noticed or get a call back? Take the next step with a custom presentation video box. Include an awesome product for them to keep and when they open the box, a video will start to play and instantly capture their attention!

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Pixsweet Ice Pops

Edibles are an awesome giveaway, but how do you take it to the next level? 3D Ice Pops is the answer! You can create a 3D image of your logo, mascot or image and give out a frozen delicious treat!

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Cold Brew Coffee

If you are looking for a giveaway that somebody doesn’t already have, a cold brew coffee brewer fits the bill! With boutique coffee grounds being a huge trend and cold brew coffee getting so popular, this is a great thing to get someone for their home.

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MyWraps Headphones

Stop your headphones from getting tangled! When not in use simply wrap them around your wrist or bag strap and they transform into a stylish fashion bracelet. With lots of colour combinations and styles that make this a trendy fashion accessory.

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This was the biggest hit of last years show, however it’s still trending to get bigger and bigger. Now with everything from athletic socks, to knit and dress socks, there are options for everyone!

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Custom Belts

Everyone has done shirts... A lot of people now have done socks. So naturally belts is next! With low minimums, it’s another great way to show off your brand. Christmas party gifts, first tee gifts or just around the office, this is an awesome way to print a belt in full colour!

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Dynamite Hot Sauce

Do you want to have the hottest giveaway out there? The dynamite tube hot sauce is your answer! An amazing hot sauce with a branded label, put inside a dynamite tube with another custom label. This is a great way to show what your brand is all about!

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Sling Grip

Everyone is always looking for something new and different at the trade show giveaway level price. This smartphone grip can be printed in full colour. It also comes on a full colour marketing card! It gives a nice comfortable grip for selfies, texting and more!