Decoration Options

We continuously research and evaluate trends to uncover branding solutions our clients may not even know exist. Our strong supplier relationships enables us to offer creative and quality decoration methods that enhances brand visibility and drives engagement. Clients can expect our team to find the most impactful way to promote their brand

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Image of Promotional Products


The logo is stitched onto the material using threads. This is an classic and stylish way to decorate your logo


This method involves mesh screens where ink is squeegeed onto the materials surface through the screen. One of the most popular methods for imprint on t-shirts and hoodies


A silicone pad is used to transfer ink onto the product. The method is best used on hard goods with round surfaces


created by using a fabric backing and thread. Gives your logo a classic and trendy look


This method your logo is carved directly into the materials surface using a laser. The result gives your logo a clean, refined and elegant look


A die is created and then pressed into the material creating an impression with
a tone on tone look


This method seamlessly fuses your logo within the fabric. Since artwork is fused into the fabric, certain imprint colours will take on the colour of the garment. It is breathable and gives a trendy retail look to your brand. Add a distressed effect to for a retro look


Ink is applied to to a sheet of transfer paper, then is pressed onto the product using a combination of heat and pressure. Always requires an underlay


In this method multi layered twill or felt is stitched together onto the garment. The result effect is a 2D feel that provides a true vintage or athletic look


A unique branding method that creates a subtle pop from the product surface giving a 2D effect. Different finishes and textures can be added


Custom or stock shapes stitched on with your logo or artwork lasered. This gives a natural and rugged look with a touch of class


These are ideal for multi colour, complex logos with small details with the trendy look of a patch. Gives a fresh clear look to your artwork


This is a fresh take on embroidery giving your logo a puffed out or 3D effect. Combine it with classic embroidery to make it a creative and original promotional product. Great for sports teams, lettering and simple logos