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years of service award program

Company Programs

Our Company Programs give a custom platform to easily order large quantities from a pre-approved catalogue of products. Company programs are great for keeping branding consistent, boosting employee motivation and increasing employee retention. Take the pressure off of ordering and make it a hassle free process for the purchaser.

Let us know your goals for the program and we will be happy to work with you to create a custom fit, tailored to your business needs.
safety rewards

Safety Rewards

Incentives to keep employees and your workplace safe

years of service

Years of Service

Thank employees for their hard work and dedication

spirit wear

Spirit Wear

Outfit your school or team with the latest in apparel items



Simple printed forms designed to fit your branding with pre-approved logoed products. Order forms are best for when you are ordering large quantities of apparel items with different sizes. This allows each purchaser to fill out the form with the products they want in the sizes they need without you having to worry about it. These are great for office work wear and spirit wear programs.


Select a collection of products that fit with your brand and goals. Next we will design a custom form complete with virtual mockups and all other requirements. Once the design is complete you can distribute the forms to be filled out by your employees, group or team. All thats left is to collect the forms so we can oder, decorate and send the finished products to you.

order form
online store



Customized online web stores for quick and easy purchasing with user friendly instructions. Users can login and select from pre-approved logoed products, giving the power to your employees to choose the items they like and want. Online stores are best for when you are ordering large quantities of multiple products. These stores are great for years of service, safety rewards or inventory fulfillment programs. Some of the features include points system, custom logins, reports, email notifications and much more!


Discuss with our team what type of online store best suits your business' needs. Then select a collection of products that we can showcase on the store. Once the store is completed, your employees can logon and select their products. Once an order is placed we fulfill it and send the decorated products out